Monday, 25 May 2009

More Freelance Work!!

The freelance work is going very well. I have secured another three clients in the last week all of which me and Steve have made a start on.

A company called 'Complete Contract Interiors' want a rebrand, a website and a direct mail brochure/booklet created and so far we have done first drafts of the logo and website, which they were very happy about and now we just need to tweek and finalise this website and then create it.

My second client is for a woman who is a horticultural therapist and wanted to set up a company to practice her therapy. Initially we have been asked to do a logo and business card, which we have finished today. However this may be taken a lot further with a marketing strategy.

Finally a gentleman who wants a brand created for his company that does cardio vascular pulmonary testing for research, educational and professional facilities. We have sent him a first draft of a logo design and are waiting to hear from him.

I am honestly thriving off all these opportunities!It is such an amazing experience working with real people.

I will keep you all posted on developments!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

First Client

Good news! I have my first client as a free lance designer!

I was put in touch with a gentleman called Arthur, who owns a farm off the A50 towards Derby called Heath House Farm, which has been converted into a farm with a garden nursery, tea room, delicatessen and gift shop. He has recently converted the upstairs of the farm into two conference/training rooms, which look fantastic. Originally he wanted a brochure to be created to promote the farm but after seeing the farm, looking at the competition and discussing a marketing strategy we have agreed to create a booklet type of brochure, almost like a promotional brand book to give information about the farm, and we could use direct mail to schools, offices and other establishments for them to use the conference/training rooms and facilities.

I have teamed up with a friend a colleague Steven Ward to tackle this brief, and we have already taken photographs and collected some contemporary, cool and different brochures and booklets for inspiration.

As Arthur is eager to promote these new rooms, we are aiming to complete this work in under a week.

Wish us luck!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Introduction to me!

Hello all, this is my new blog page. I don't know where to start really....

I have finished all my university work and i am presently putting up the degree show, then taking my work to the D&AD New Blood Show. I have just registered and 'My Pitch' has been uploaded onto the D&AD website! Try and find my picture and check out my pitch at

In the mean time I am working as a free lance designer to get some extra pieces for my portfolio and continue to work with real clients as it was such a brilliant experience in one of my last university projects called 'External Brief'. I worked with a client from my home town, Wolverhampton, who is setting up a business, 'The Green Man' producing and selling bio-diesel. Last week I pitched my creative solution to him and he absolutely loved it. This is what he emailed me

"Dear Vishal,

I am writing to thank you for the fantastic work you have done in making The Green Man Company (UK) Ltd live and breath. Having seen the final branding and marketing campaigns on Friday I can truly say that you have brought it to life.

As I said at the start of the process.

'' I know what I want to say but I cannot see how to say it''

But after Friday I can see how to say it. It is very clear that you really understood myself and the business. Your designs are innovative, clean and environmentally aware. The logo is perfect and can be used for all types of business not just the ones we talked about.

Thank you again.

I look forward to working with you on other projects.


This has inspired me to work as a free lance designer/brand consultant and I am in the search for some work.

Wish me luck!